Vaccine Passports

The COVID-19 pandemic has given malicious and powerful forces the pretext they need to force every person on the planet to submit to their will – that is, if they had an efficacious vaccine. As the most vaccinated places in the world demonstrate record numbers of COVID cases and “mysterious” excess mortality, it has become self-evident that an efficacious COVID-19 vaccine does not exist, probably for the same reason there has never been a successful coronavirus vaccine candidate.

Amazingly, the complete lack of efficacy has not slowed the effort to inject mRNA cocktails into every living person, and to subjugate those who refuse to comply. With Big Tech and all of MSM assisting the effort to stifle the truth about these “vaccines,” the momentum towards adopting a “vaccine passport” system has not abated. In some places, mandatory digital ID passports have already become the standard, and are being used to penalize the non-complaint. We must ensure this is never allowed to happen here in the land of the free.

People are already standing bravely against this overreach, all over the world. It is our mission to unite these factions and coordinate an effective strategy that can be disseminated and enacted from sea to shining sea, and finally around the globe, to deter and extinguish these efforts to stifle our liberties.

Digital ID Passports

In 2016, Klaus Schwab, the leader of the World Economic Forum, suggested that within ten years, all citizens of the industrialized world would be tagged and tracked with digital technologies. “At first,” he says, “we will implant them in our clothes. And then we could imagine that we will implant them in our brains, or in our skin. And in the end, maybe, there will be a direct communication between our brain and the digital world. What we see is a kind of fusion of the physical, digital and biological world.”

In just a handful of years, this idea has transcended the science-fiction fantasies of this would-be super villain, threatening to become reality today. And it appears that the first step in forcing modern society to engage in this “fusion of the physical, digital, and biological world” is the advent of a Digital ID Passport system.

The FormerFedsGroup is actively investigating legal strategies to prevent implementation of so-called vaccine passports, and fostering messaging partnerships to highlight the absurdity and worthlessness of all digital ‘vax passport’ ID systems in light of vaccine inefficacy.

We are taking on some of the most well financed, established entities in the world, with all the money they can mint and all the media acting as their mouthpiece. As you can imagine, this is a monumental undertaking, and will require a coordinated effort of legions of like-minded people dedicated to preserving the freedoms we cherish. If you would like to assist this effort, please volunteer or make a donation today,

Fight Against Vax Passports

Vaccine Passports and Digital ID systems threaten to erode personal privacy and bodily autonomy. If you would like to join the fight to preserve our freedoms, please volunteer today.

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