It is clear to most people that crimes against humanity have taken place during the course of the COVID crisis, and that this so-called “Emergency” is still being used to justify cruel and inhumane treatment of individuals, especially in hospitals and institutional settings. Many are just realizing how bad it has gotten, and are struggling to come to terms with their own role in these horrors. 

The Amnesty and Leniency Project exists to offer recourse to these individuals. We understand that you knew not what you were doing as it was done – like the rest of us, you were misled, deceived, and abused in the name of public health. You were told that the EUA products would help COVID victims, and that nothing else in your arsenal of medications could effect the novel coronavirus. You were threatened, having your license held over your head, your livelihood jeopardized if you failed to administer ordained protocols. You believed what you were told about the EUA products and thought they would be effective, or that despite the evidence of your eyes and ears, they weren’t causing harm to “most people,” or that “the benefits outweigh the risk.”

Now you have seen the harms done to hundreds, thousands, probably millions of people, and you wonder, what was it all for? Why did you shun patients for being unmasked, when it is abundantly clear that masks offer virtually no protection against an aerosolized virus? Why were you instructed to withhold treatment for patients based on their vaccination status or on the color of their skin? Why was ventilation a standard of care when up to 80% of COVID victims who were vented died on the vent? Why was food and water withheld from patients who just needed a little oxygen, in anticipation of putting them on the vent? Why were vents widely used as a method of behavior control? Why were some off-label drugs deemed taboo while other experimental products were pushed relentlessly on victims? Why were hospitals incentivized with tens of thousands of dollars to administer these experimental treatments? You have many questions like these, and, sadly, we do not think you will like the answers.

Your personal experience with these things is invaluable to us, and to the world, as we attempt to gather the evidence to make our case. If you have knowingly or unwittingly participated in crimes against humanity during the course of the COVID crisis, we want to hear your story. The victims harmed by the policies you carried out want to hear your story, and we believe you owe it to them.

Generously, some of those victims have offered absolution in exchange for your account.